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city of la puente

La Puente is a beautiful city 20 miles east of Los Angeles located in the San Gabriel Valley. The city has a very vibrant community and is home to over 41,000 residents according to the 2010 census. La Puente lies between the interstate 10 and interstate 60 freeway which makes it very accessible no matter what part of California you are coming from. It is also not too far from the coastline, which makes the beautiful beaches of California available for residents whenever they please and can spend the whole day there without worrying about a long drive. Also being so close to Downtown Los Angeles makes an exciting night life an option. However because of all the bars and night clubs that are near this city, the law enforcement intact in La Puente provide enough of a presence to ensure the safety of its residents. The city of La Puente has a strict no tolerance policy regarding driving under the influence and set up DUI checkpoints around the city daily. The police officers make sure to constantly patrol the streets of La Puente to show their presence in the city and to ensure the residents that they are safe. For more information about La Puente and how bail works please contact Sunrise Bail Bonds La Puente.

City of La Puente, CA

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