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La Puente Bail Bonds FAQs:

A Bail Bond is a guarantee that the defendent will appear at all court appointments. A bail Bonds Company that is backed by a surety company will issue a bond. This bond guarantees the court that the defendant will be responsible and attend all court dates.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?

When a person is arrested they are taken to a local police dept. finger printed and booked. This means that their fingerprints are run thru national data bases to check for previous arrest. Their personal property that is on their person during the arrest is confiscated for safe keeping. In most cases it may take 24 to 48 hours to even get to see a judge.


But by law it should not be longer than this amount of time.

The Bail Amount is set with many things taken into consideration. Mainly the safety of the public and how severe the crime was. Usually the more sever the crime then the bail amount will be higher.

What exactly is a Bail Bond?

The cost of a Bail Bond is usually 10% of the Bail bond amount. The State of California Law states that this is the only amount that can be charged no less no more.


There are never any fees or taxes that should be charged.

How is a Bail amount set?
How much does a Bail Bond cost?
How do i qualify for a bail bond?

There are a few things that are taken into consideration when applying for a Bail Bond.


The process is almost like a Bank Loan. We need to know the stability , ability to pay and the willingness to pay of the indemnitor. The indemnitor is the person who is signing responsibility for the defendant. We need to know what kind of credit the indemnitor has? Do they own property? If the defendant fails to appear in court will the indemnitor be able to pay the full bail amount.Keep in mind that there is no one set of criteria. Also that the criteria is based on the supposed crime and bail amount.

How do i pay for a bail bond?

Sunrise Bail Bonds La Puente accepts cash Major Credit CardsDiscover, American Express, MasterCard and VisaWe also offer different payment options especially tailored for your budget. We know the difficult situation you find yourself in. So we will do all we can to find a payment plan the works for you.


Usually there is no need for collateral but it is an option for some because this may help to ensure you are able to get a bail bond.

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