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DUI checkpoints new policy in the city of La Puente, CA.

The city of La Puente has passed a new policy that will last until 2015 when it comes to the procedures conducted at DUI checkpoints. Deputies will no longer check a driver’s status when conducting checkpoints in La Puente until undocumented immigrants are allowed to obtain driver’s licenses, which goes into effect in 2015. Councilman Dan Holloway explained to the press that the purpose of these checkpoints was not to fine and tow away cars of drivers without a license, but to get drunk drivers off the road. He says that by issuing this new policy, the sheriffs will spend less time worrying and dealing with people without a license and could focus more on whether the driver is drunk or not. Also he says that it is unfair to the undocumented immigrants since they still need a form of transportation, but are not allowed to obtain a driver’s license until they become citizens, which could take years. This new policy has already gone into effect and has shown to be beneficial to the sheriff’s determination to get drunk driver’s off the road.

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