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Bicycle Rider Shot to Death

Early last week, a man was riding his bicycle down a street in the city of La Puente, when a blacked out SUV sped past him as they continuously fired shots from an automatic weapon. The man was instantly killed as bullets sprayed the night sky with blood and smoke. Witnesses to the entire ordeal immediately called the police and went to check on the victim. Once the paramedics arrived at the scene, the victim was already pronounced dead and police began looking for the getaway car using the description that the witnesses gave police about the car. Police are still searching for the suspects involved in the shooting and are asking for the help of the public in order to find these men and bring them to justice. It is unclear whether or not this shooting had something to do with gang affiliation, but police are still investigating the entire situation. The vehicle that was described to the police has an all-black Chevy Suburban with black wheels and the license plate had two y’s in it. If you see a vehicle that matches this description, please contact the La Puente Police Department immediately.

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