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Man Wounded in La Puente Shooting

A man was wounded during a shooting in a residential neighborhood in La Puente according to authorities. Police were called to a shooting in the area at around 8 pm on Wednesday. One victim was hit in the abdomen by a bullet from the gunfire according to investigators. Paramedics transported the victim to the hospital where he was treated and is expected to make a full recovery. Police believe that the suspect committed the shooting on foot before leaving the scene in black car. The suspect was able to leave the area before police could get to the location. Police investigators have not yet discovered a motive behind the shooting and have yet to interview the victim in order to find some evidence that will lead to a description of the suspect. Police are asking the public for any information about the shooting. If you have any information that could be of use to the La Puente Police Department, then please call them immediately with the information.

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