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La Puente Man Leads Police Chase To West Covina

Earlier this week, early Monday morning, a resident of La Puente was involved in a robbery and tried to outrun police. The chase ended in West Covina when the suspect’s tire blew out and he could not drive anymore, at which point, the suspect tried to hide in a resident’s backyard. According to officers at the scene e

xplained that the incident began when the suspect stole a digital camera from the Sears at 1209 Plaza Drive. The suspect acted like he had a gun when the store security tried to arrest him and he got in his truck and drove away as the store clerk called the police. One of the responding officers spotted his vehicle on a street near the store and began the chase. The suspect’s tire blew after a short time, but the suspect kept driving until his car was driving on the rim and then fled the car to hide in someone’s backyard. The police then blocked off the street so that they could do a house to house search and found the suspect hiding in some bushes. Blog by Bail Bonds La Puente Masters.


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